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HOUSE of AZOiiA is an independent label that was founded with the clear objective of offering sustainable Luxury and designer classics to modern women. We focus on bringing the highest level of craftsmanship, without wholesale markups, while slowing the fashion cycle and leading the way for socially conscious businesses. 

Each HOUSE of AZOiiA piece is crafted by our small team in our atelier with carefully selected and finest Italian fabrics.

Supreme quality. Honest price

Our mission is to make Luxury pieces by giving you unique, well-crafted, reasonably-priced garments in precious fabrics. In our belief, dedication is essential and inseparable when it comes to quality. It takes devotion of time, living energy, and mastered skills to develop high-quality clothes.

For us craftsmanship-in the fullest sense of the word is a way of life. It is: about fully engaging our heads, hands, and hearts in our labors; it is about adhering to a set of values and principles that our clothes are not only functional and beautiful but also made for a sustainable lifestyle. It is a way of thinking and doing where humanity is in tune with nature, not working against it. 

Material & craft

We are proud to be able to produce everything in our bright and lovely atelier where every item is carefully cut one by one by hand, crafted, hand-packed, and shipped directly to you from us. 

The environment in which our products are made is intimate, hands-on, and personal. All manufacturing processes share the typical ‘crafted by hand’ tradition of respecting the material and working with hands. We believe that the energy from the hands that made the garment to the person wearing it is intuitively felt and sincerely appreciated.

For us, producing ‘in house’ means controlling every aspect and every tiniest detail of the process.

We spend countless hours and days sourcing Luxurious fabrics in Italy’s warehouses for the highest quality and unique silk, crepe de chine, silk twill, jacquard, silk viscose, and recycled satin. 

Our ethos

At the heart of our business beats an ethical foundation that guides our approach. Within our small company, every team member shares a common set of values: respect, responsibility, trust, and loyalty.

We believe that the environment where we spend most of our time has a significant impact on how we feel, perform, and what we deliver to our clients.

For every-body

We believe that everybody has the right to feel beautiful, no matter their age, shape, size, or color. Fashion should be about celebrating everybody’s unique identity, and we are here to do just that! 

Every piece in our collection is named after a woman that had impacted our business in a meaningful way.

Our packaging

We are seeking to reduce our footprint as much as possible. Even when it comes to packaging. We wrap the clothes in ecological silk paper and pack everything into a recycled paper box. 

You will receive your item packed in a repurposed drawstring bag made in overstock fabric, which can be used to transport and protect your garment when not in use. 

Unfortunately, we have not yet found how to replace the plastic shipping documents envelope, but we are constantly searching for a more sustainable alternative. 

Fabric leftovers

We’re delighted to share that our production process leaves us with minimal fabric leftovers. However, we’ve found a wonderful purpose for what little remains – crafting small accessories and delightful gifts for our valued clients.

Design & inspiration

When we start creating any new product, we first think about how this particular model can fit, complement, and improve people’s lifestyles and everyday routines. The use, context, and function of the clothes are much more critical for us than the seasonal trends.

When designing the garment, we try to avoid zippers, different metal parts, and any unnecessary accessories. All our gemlike buttons are vintage, or sourced in Italy’s warehouses where we find all our fabrics. 

We are inspired by a variety of cultures and places around the world, spanning from California to Italy, from the Middle East to the beaches of Bali.

HOUSE of AZOiiA will transport you to fabulous 1960s Capri poolside cocktail parties, and breezy shores of California through its vibrant colors, bold prints & effortless styles. But most importantly, we hope that this collection inspires you to slow down, have fun, and savor every sweet moment of life.    

Live Colorfully. Show Up Boldly.