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Can I buy a gift card?


What can I do if received discount code doesn’t work?

Double check if the code you enter is exactly the code you received.
If the codes match, please check the code expiration date, which is written in the code receiving email. If the code is expired you cannot apply the discount offered with the code to your order.

How do I receive a welcome discount code?

You can get a 10% discount by subscribing to our newsletter at the bottom of the home page or via popup when you visit our page.
Any special discounts that we offer will be delivered to your inbox.

What my discount code applies to?

Discount code applies to new items or items that are not on sale.
Discount code does not apply to :
Discounted items
Other promotional items

Where do I enter discount code / voucher?

You can enter your discount code / voucher when you visit your basket or at the checkout page.. If the code applies to the items in your basket, you will see a discount calculated in your order summary section.

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